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For those who have not herd from me in so long and think me for dead, I assure you that is not true. I just don't use deviantart anymore nor will I be returning here after this journal, why you may ask is because its because its all about growing up. This account was started back when I was just a little kid who started playing around with photoshop and enjoyed cartoons and video games talking with friends over the internet, today I am a student getting ready to graduate in a few months to be an artist in the video game industry. Recently a friend that was made years ago talked to me on skype for the first time in for years, he asked me to make something for him to which I had to decline for the time needed was simply not available. Which got me to thinking about my account here on this site which is never used anymore, which it so out of date that its likely that many of my followers/watchers/friends do not even know what kind of art that I make. For those of you who don't know I have been working in college to become a video game artist with great success at this point as my work has impressed my instructors and fellow classmates to the point that I have been asked to work with other people on their games from recommendations. To be honest I never saw myself as being a professional video game artist in the industry when college began, now some of you may play a game with my name in the credits some day. With that on the table that is about all there is to say, so to all those who enjoyed my posts I thank you and bid a farewell. However if you wish to follow my work and keep in touch with me you can visit my website currently in the works…
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United States
if your on my friends list and it says im online i may not be because i am also logged in on my phone so it may say im online when i am not

Im a peaceful guy that loves to enjoy art of all kinds, from the ceramic to the digital and cartoons to the paintings. I am a very accepting person who does't judge people and loves to make friends. i love to draw and make digital art but i am much better ant making 3d animation. I plan to attend college soon for game producing. Im not the best athelete in the world but i am a powerlifter, overall you may think these are the traits of an internet nerd. but hey we can all be nerdy sometimes, though im just a regular person like everybody elce. and before you ask no i am not black its just a screen name. ಠ_ಠ ఠ_ఠ ಠಿ_ಠ

Real life friends that actually have a deviant

the master artist known as christian :iconanonymous10000:
the what what man :iconccmm:
the master manga man :iconvanezzania:
a girl i met at the library writing stories :iconinfiniti-la-bored:



L̴̖̜̫̲̥̣͚͕̣̜͍̟̟͟͞͡a̢͠҉͡͏͎̣̣̘͕̟­̟̩̩̮v̢̡̛̙̜̗͖̯̘̜͉͘è̵̸̪̹͕͍͇̻͎̭͢­̩̪̭ǹ̸͏̩̜͇̟̪̮͈̟̥̖͎͉̭ͅd̤̲̝̟̀̀͢͡­͎̜͖͓̝̺̙̲ͅe̵͏̱̫̼̝͈͖̥̰̠̫̺͎̀ŗ̖͍͢­̝͖ ̵̙̖̲̦̱̗̭͖̤͈̣͔͠͠T̶̼͇͉̣̲̠͞ǫ̣́͟͝­̮̠̳̘͕͙ẁ̢̥͍̫̲͙͢n̵̡̦̮̳͕̫̟̹̳͚͓̖͘­̤̱̖̗̝̫ ̧̨̰̼̪͇͕̮̘͚̜̩͈̼̣͖͎̦̝ͅS̸͢͏̝̪̘͙̪͢­̪y̢̡̝͚̼̻̭̦̩̥̪͔̺̝̩͙̕n̴͍̠̫̮͚͍̫͖͞­̳͉͈͔̺̣̼̗ͅd̸͉͈̮̘̰͎͉̺͓̭̳͉̫̭́͘͝ͅͅ­̙͇r̶̶̨̨̝̬̰̙̥̫o̱̫͖̲̤̻͍̟͙͍͞ͅm̴̡̤­̗̯̥͔͉̼̝̭͕̤͇̟̭̦̟̗ͅe̷̵͏̮̠͇̠͉͈̤͓ͅ­̙͙̝̩

H̹̘̙̬͉̜ͤ̉̌ͥ̈e̡̮̠ͨ̈̈́ͨ͊͆̐̾l̘̟͊ͮ̒­̰p̙̠͙̺͔̋̈́ͧ͒͐̊͗͜͝ ̝̓ͤͤm̵̷̭̝͉͙̩̪̞̣͒ͮ̓͜ȩͭ̋͏͙̯̗̰͡ͅ­̦.̣̞͔͙̝̥̮͇ͪͫ.̸̜͖̺̞̰̳͖̽̓ͧͯ͋̌ͪ̇.­̛̯͆͑̾̓ͮ̓́͢ī͛̂̅̉ͦ̔ͭ̑͏̛̥͠ ̧̯͕͈̳̰̯̙͈̄͆͟͞a͑ͭ̀ͫͪ̚̕͏̠̮̘̠̙mͪ̏­̡̯̦̲̮̲͚̬̖̅ͮͬ̃.͔̖̠̼͕̀ͭ̿̎.̶̛̺̄͛͢­͙̱̠̣̤̥.͓͎͋͐͑͒̒̎̇h̷̷̡̻͔ͨͨ͑e̷͌̐̒­̥̮̙̘͟l̵̖̟̥͍̭͈ͮͣ̔̋̔ͪ̋̽̚͟p̛͎͇̞ͦ̐­̟̬̥̬͈.̵̙̬͖ͨ͡͝.̶͖͖̦̝̩̩̣ͤ͐͛ͩ̕.͌̓­̨̗̼̩̙͕̙̥͉̪͌̋̈́͊ͪ̑̇

H͔̺ͪͤ̃ͮ͝͞e̵̶̹͍͍̼̻͎ͨ̾̀ ͑͋͐ͥ͏͕̫̬̙̞h̼̮̱̗̼̞̏̑ͯ͊̇̈́͒̆͡͝u͌͐­̸̥͇͕͒͌n̴̡͕̹̞̿́̚ͅg̶̼̞̩̜ͧͨͥ̒̈ͮẽ­̷̳̹̲͍ͪ͊̋̈̑r̷̸̺̯̞ͤ̉́s̶͙̤̘̤̆ͤ͌̓͢ ̵̱̰͉ͦ̎̕͟ͅf̸̡̡͓̯̯̦̘̹ͤͤͅo̴̥̖̗͌ͨr­̴͎̗ͪ̄ͦͨͅ ̖̰͕̥͓͙̬̜͗̇͛̃ͧy̴̸̥̌ͨ̔̑ͨ̉ͯ͡o͒̈́̍̑­̪͍̬̯̗͍́͝u̘̼͈̜ͭ́͟͡.̴̦͎ͦͮ͋ͣͩ


̛̩̭̰͖͇̤̦̂͌̄ͅZ̼̩͔͚̮̞̬͙̍̕a̧͋͐̆̈́̔­̨̱̻͚̺̣͎̯̬l̻͓͇̲͎̾ͮͭ̅̆̂̍̐̚ͅğ̲ͫͤ­̫̖̼̞o̵̲͔̪͈͙̦͗̈́̒͌͌̌̃̄,̵̬̫̭͙̫͕ͦ͡­̬ ͎̙̩̮͎̻̮̽͘H̡̹̳͓̳̰͙̐̋̑̔͢e͆ͧ̒ͤ͛ͮͮ­̸̞̺̭̫͍ͣ́ ̖͈͇̣ͪͬ̑͑c̰̞̦͍͕̳̈́ͦ͋̄͊̄̑ͤoͩͭ̓̉͋̚­̟̗͍̳̙̃m̸̝̮̬̬̳̫͑́̀ẽ̸͇͕̰ͬ͆̒ͯ̓̈͌­̫̙̗ş͓͕̦̣̫͈̭̩̓͋!̓͑̽ͨ͏̻̝͚̹̝̥

icons i created

:iconscraggyhuggleplz: :iconaxewscaredplz: :iconlucariostudmuffin:



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